Configuration import from manufacturer

[ F8 ] > [ Open Configuration ]

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Import of an existing device configuration:

After you have exported the device configuration or when you have received a revised / new device configuration from the manufacturer, insert the USB stick into the USB port of the Thin Client. Open the (Operator Menu ) with the defined OSD key (default: F8) and go to the (Advanced settings ).

Confirm by clicking on the "configuration management"  Button and the associated menu will pop up.


Thin Client Configuration


Press F3 to transfer the device configuration file from the USB stick to the Thin Client device. Exit the configuration management menu by pressing F7.

When you press F3, a safety dialogue will pop up giving you a last chance to confirm or cancel the Import.




Now press F6 = OVERWRITE to start the Import process and show progress and success in the same window. Once the Import has been completed, the device must be re-booted to activate the new configuration.



Before you now press any key except the defined OSD key for calling up the Configuration menu (default F8), please unplug the USB stick from the Thin Client device.


Thin Client Configuration


If an error message pops up instead of the progress bar, this can be for the following reasons:

the USB stick is not connected

a wrong USB stick has been connected

CONFIG.SNA file is not on the USB stick

the CONFIG.SNA file is not in the root directory of the USB stick.


Thin Client Configuration


Again, press any key except the defined OSD key for calling up the Configuration menu (default F8) and check what is the matter. Fix whatever caused the error message and re-start the import process.



Please remove the USB stick before re-starting the device,

since otherwise the device would expect an installation of the factory software when being re-booted.


Symb_ExtKaptlExpand Operator Menu

Symb_ExtKaptlExpand Advanced settings




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