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Firmware version 4.04 introduced colour coding for a better distinction between operating menus and configuration menus of the Thin Clients. Operating menus are blue, whereas the information header of configuration menus is copper-coloured.


The Remote desktop connection is an Ethernet connection vial TCP/IP. Three possible versions exist: First, by means of the RDP protocol, then by means of a VNC server, via NetC@p or via a KVM-Box directly coupled with the PC. For the last version, no additional software or services are required on the Remote PC.


Up to 40 Remote desktop connections can be administrated in an address book, from which an individual connection can be selected directly. As an option, fall-back connections can be defined for Remote desktop connections which will be automatically established if the primary connection fails. Each connection can be allocated a hotkey via which it can be called up.


For all types of connections the Thin Client also supports the display of non-native display resolutions, i.e. the video output of the server is not the same as the actual physical resolution of the Thin Client display. The support ranges from small resolutions from 640x480 (VGA) onwards up to enormous resolutions of 2560x2048 (QSXGA). Depending on the connection type the display and scaling behaviour may vary, since the integrated Remote clients (RealVNC, RDP and NetC@p) are based on different technical concepts.


We have, however, ensured that each regular server display resolution (from VGA to QSXGA) is displayed on each Thin Client device type (536, 556, 567, 577 and 587) for each connection type (KVM, VNC, RDP and NetC@p) whilst retaining the correct aspect ration and using the maximum possible display area.

Specific technical measures were taken to ensure the operability of the Thin Client via touch screen or trackball / joystick is not limited due to possible black margins appearing due to maintaining the correct aspect ratio.


The exact behaviour for the various connection types is summarised below for:


Kapitelseite Display via KVM

Kapitelseite Display via VNC

Kapitelseite Display via NetC@p

Kapitelseite Display via RDP



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