VNC Communication

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Virtual Network Computing (VNC for short) is a software that displays the screen content of a remote computer (PC) (server) on a local computer (Thin Client) (Client) and, in return, sends keyboard and mouse actions on the local computer (Thin Client Ex) to the remote computer (PC). This software enables users to work on a remote computer as if they were sitting right in front of it.




The condition for the remote control of a PC is that you install a VNC server on the PC that is to be controlled remotely.


Such a VNC server (freeware) can, for example, be downloaded from the following website: Symb_Internet

We cannot give you detailed instructions for the installation of the VNC server and its configuration, so if you have any questions, please contact the actual software manufacturer.


Below is the example of the RealVNC server from the website mentioned above:



Depending on the version, the VNC servers have different functionalities.


For more information and a description of the VNC server of individual manufacturers, please refer to the manufacturer's documentation.



The following description of VNC communication is limited to the information / settings required to establish communication.


The installation and configuration of the VNC server requires administrator access authority at the PC where the VNC server is to be used. The subsequent VNC communication does not require this level of access authority.

After the VNC server has been installed and configured, it must be activated at the PC that is to be controlled remotely.


The VNC server mentioned above indicates this with a VNC server icon in the task bar.


Windows XP VNC or Win7 RealVNCIconWin7


If you move the mouse across this icon, you will see the IP address (here: IP referring to this VNC server and originating from the PC to be controlled and where the VNC server has been installed. The VNC server gets this IP address from the settings of the PC's network connection. It is of no consequence here whether the IP address was specified manually or allocated by the DHCP server.


Windows XP VNC or Win7 RealVNC-Server-IPWin7



Please note that this IP address has been specified in the address book entry for the (VNC connection ) as the server IP.


Symb_ExtKaptlExpand VNC connection


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