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Functions were expanded that also affected the hardware after the Thin Client series (ET-4x6) had been certified. This resulted in different hardware statuses under one certification number. On the Thin Client itself the hardware status can be seen by the actual hardware revision number (Rev. HW x.xx) and the name (type) of the device. The hardware article number (article no.: HW) furthermore identifies the exact original device. You can find all this information on the certification sticker on the Thin Clients.


This chapter contains a short overview of the hardware revision history of various devices within one product group or product line.


Pentium Prozessoren

Atom Prozessoren
Schnittstellen Ex-e
X1 Power In
X2 u. X3 RS-422/232 COM-Port
X5 u. X7 USB-Port
X11 Ethernet (Cu)
X12 Klemmen
Schnittstellen Ex-i
X4 u. X6 USB-Port
X7 Keyboardanschluß
X8 universeller Lesegeräteanschluß
X9 PS2 Schnittstelle
X10 Ethernet (LWL)
X12 Klemmen
EN 50020: 2004
EN 60079-0: 2004
EN 60079-1: 2004
EN 60079-7: 2003
EN 60079-18: 2004
EN 61241-1: 2004

prEN 60079-28: 2005
prEN 61241-0: 2004
II 2 (2) G Ex d e mb ib [ib] [op is] IIC T4

II 2 D Ex tD A21 IP65 T90ºC
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