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A USB stick can be used for data storage, inserted into the Thin Client and available as a Remote USB medium at the host PC. Before such a USB stick can be used it must be activated. This is done via the MOUNT function under Remote Media in the KVM-box setup menu.


Remote Media


Touch button for

selection of the

Remote-USB medium

Use this touch button to select which USB stick is to be used as Remote USB medium. Tap on the MOUNT touch button and a dialogue will pop up containing the existing USB sticks. Only those USB sticks will be displayed that have been connected to a USB interface of the Thin Client before the MOUNT button is tapped. If more than one USB stick has been connected to the Thin Client, the dialogue will show them all. Only one USB stick from this list can be selected as a Remote USB medium. The maximum memory of a USB stick to be used as Remote USB medium is 2 GB. Once a stick has been selected from the dialogue, it will appear as a directory in the Explorer structure and can then be used.


If the Remote USB media pop-up is empty, no USB stick has been connected, or the one connected has not been recognised by the Thin Client.


Remote Media


If one or more sticks have been connected and recognised, they will appear in a Remote media list (example below for one USB stick).


Remote Media


Select a USB stick from this list by ticking the checkbox next to it.

Click OK to confirm the selection and the USB stick will be activated. It is now ready to be used as an additional memory.

The CANCEL button aborts the MOUNT process.



Please note that the mounted USB stick is only available at the host PC as

"Read Only", i.e. the not data can be transferred from the host PC to this USB stick.



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