Thin Client configuration file

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The Thin Client configuration file is the main file for determining various parameters and communication settings. This file contains all other setting options that are not (yet) available via the Thin Client configuration menu.


The Thin Client configuration file is only available in English.



Please note that

great care must be taken with any changes made to this file.


Incorrect changes may result in malfunctioning.

This in turn may result in a complete communications failure of the Thin Client device.



Please only carry out changes to the configuration file that are required for your purposes.

The Thin Client configuration file can only be opened, edited and changed at the Thin Client itself.

Any file contents that are not described in these instructions should under no circumstances be edited.


Although you can use the virtual keyboard of the Thin Client to open and edit the configuration file, using an external keyboard is much easier and quicker. Follow the descriptions in these instructions if you wish to make any changes to the Thin Client configuration file.



If you are unsure or have any questions, please contact our Customer support.


The following functions can only be specified or edited via the Thin Client configuration file:

cicon2 Anlegen/entfernen von Adressbucheinträgen

cicon2 Passwortverwaltung

Specification of cicon2 OSD-Hotkeys

Setting the cicon2 keyboard trunk, cicon2 keyboard layout, size of the cicon2 keyboard icon

Setting the cicon2 RDP-Auflösung, cicon2 KVM-Betriebsart

Changing the values of the cicon2 Keyboardwedge



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