NetC@p Communication

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Symb_Internet NetC@p is a protocol for separate real-time operation of connected plants and processes. In this way, severeal remote stations can be operated by Client servers via TCP / IP Ethernet. NetC@p is based on the master/slave principle, providing keyboard, mouse and screen data of one or several servers via a token.




A NetC@p connection requires NetC@p Master software to be installed on the Host PC as well as NetC@p Client software to be installed on the Remote PC. This has already been pre-installed on the ET-/MT-5x6 devices, so that only the NetC@p connection needs to be configured. See also (NetC@p-Verbindung ).


This may have to be installed on the Host PC. For the installation, please follow the instructions of the installation routine of the manufacturer. For more information on the configuration of the NetC@p application please refer to "NetCap.pdf", as a standard stored in the application directory ("C:\Programme\ads-tec\NetCap").


Symb_ExtKaptlExpand NetC@p-Verbindung.


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