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For the standard application of the Thin Client system with a connection to the KVM box, no configuration of the KVM box via this system menu is required !


A network configuration of the associated KVM box(es) only becomes necessary if connection set-ups or schemas are used that deviate from the standard, or if the IP address of the KVM box ix changed.. For this purpose, the KVM box has a configuration menu where these network settings can be made.



The configuration menu of the KVM box is only available in English!



For the configuration menu of the KVM box to be called up, a keyboard and a monitor must be connected to the console field of the KVM box.

The configuration menu can only be accessed via this connection!


For more information on the connection of keyboard and monitor to the console field of the KVM box please refer to the KVM systems manual topic Symb_Internet KVM-Box Connections for the 600 series or Symb_Internet KVM-BoxConnections for the 500 series.


The configuration menu is called up by pressing the <CTR + ALT C>.


Naviagation within the configuration menu

Within the configuration menu, the selected menu item is indicated by flashing characters < and >. Use the tab key or the up and down arrows to navigate within the menu. Within menu items that allow a selection, this is changed with the left and right arrow and the actual selection is then made with the Enter key.

Use the ESC key to exit the menu, sub-menu and close the configuration menu of the KVM box. Depending on the current menu or cursor position, pressing the ESC key will take you back one step to the previous menu or will close the configuration menu. Depending on your position within the menu, you may need to press ESC several times to exit the configuration menu completely.


Setting up a KVM connection:


Configuration menu functions

Kapitelseite Configuration menu


User registration in the KVM box

Kapitelseite User log-on


Establish connection to host PC

Kapitelseite Network configuration


Information on PS2 mouse connection,

video calibration and access modus

Kapitelseite Other menu settings



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