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It is possible to adjust the display backlight brightness. In principle, all display types are supported. However, since the adjustable brightness range strongly depends on the hardware used, the brightness adjustment for "normal" display types is minimal.

For the ET/MT-536 Thin Client devices with the high-brightness-display, the brightness can be adjusted across a much wider range.

Use the ADJUST DISPLAY BRIGHTNESS function to call up the display brightness adjustment.




A menu will pop up


Brightness adjustment


with the following touch buttons:



Touch button for brightness adjustment "Darker"

Use this button to reduce the brightness down to the minimum possible value.


Touch button for brightness adjustment "Brighter"

Use this button to increase the brightness up to the maximum possible value.


Touch button for storing the default stetting

Use this button to apply the currently set brightness value as the default value to be used whenever the operator interface is started.


Touch button for closing (CLOSE) the brightness adjustment menu.

Use this touch button to close the brightness adjustment and configuration menu. The brightness level that you have just set will be applied / remains set.


Touch button for returning (RETURN TO QUICK ACCESS) to the QUICK ACCESS menu.

Use this touch button to return to

the (QUICK ACCESS ) menu.


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