Configuration Import/Export

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Use the Import/Export address book if you want to use the existing Thin Client device configuration on another Thin Client device. For this, transfer the entire device configuration onto a USB stick (an intrinsically safe model in hazardous areas). After the device configuration file has been transferred, the Thin Client configuration file may be edited to adapt the Thin Client device to suit the current requirements.


For a description on how to edit the (Thin Client configuration file ) please refer to the section of the same name.


The Thin Client device configuration file is encrypted and is called CONFIG.SNA. It is located in the USB stick's root directory.


Symb_ExtKaptlExpand Configuration file


Export of an existing device configuration:

Stick the USB stick into the USB socket of the Thin Client.

Open the cicon2 Configuration menu with the defined OSD key (default: F8) and g MnuBtn_OpenConfig to the cicon2 Advanced settings.

Confirm by clicking on the "configuration management"  Button and the associated menu will pop up.


Thin Client Configuration


Press the F4 key to activate the export of the existing device configuration to the USB stick. The USB stick will be checked to see whether it contains the CONFIG.SNA file. If the CONFIG.SNA file is not on the USB stick, it will be written directly from the Thin Client to the USB stick, and a corresponding message will pop up.


Thin Client Configuration


Press any key except the defined OSD key for calling up the Configuration menu (default F8) to end the export process.


If an error message pops up instead of the progress bar, this can be for the following reasons:

 - no USB stick is connected

 - the USB stick is read-only


Thin Client Configuration


Again, press any key except the defined OSD key for calling up the Configuration menu (default F8) and check what is the matter. Fix whatever caused the error message and re-start the export process.


Exit the configuration management menu by pressing F7 = EXIT.



Please remove the USB stick before re-starting the device,

since otherwise the device would expect an installation of the factory software when being re-booted.



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