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This chapter contains key information on the Thin Client firmware.

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The "Remote Menu" is used for the control and administration of connections to remote systems.


It always opens with the connections screen where a connection can be established to a remote PC (host).

Press F8 to open the Remote Menu.


If required and feasible, any input in the "Remote Menu" will be checked for syntax.

Parameters with incorrect syntax will be dismissed.

The system does not dismiss parameters which, although they have correct syntax, are wrong in the given context.


For example, if a connection to a remote server is configured which can be reached within the network but which makes no sense for the given application, the system cannot recognise this.



User levels:


The Thin Client's Remote Menu can be operated from 3 user levels.


Certain menu regions are blocked for editing for certain user levels.


The following user levels are currently available *1:


Intended for administration purposes, grants access to all setting parameters of the Thin Client.


Intended for device configuration, grants access to all parameters required for the creation of connections, screen and peripherals.

Operator *2

Standard log-in, allows establishment, switching and disconnection of a connection to a remote device.



The three user levels only become active once they have been activated in the "Settings" register and after log-ins have been created in the "Access Control" screen. If they are not active, the menu can be fully operated by everybody.


The standard user level assumed by the Remote Menu when opened and after log-out.


See (Menu details ):



User log-in:


If the user levels have been activated, the info button




left / bottom can be used to switch between levels.



Enter the password for one of the two user levels ("Admin" or "Engineer") and click on "Login".





Connections to remote servers on remote PCs are created in the "Address Book".


For this, click on Fgr_OpnConfig or on Fgr_OpnDetails to put the "Address Book"  Remote Menu into configuration mode.



Kapitelseite Create a VNC connection

Kapitelseite Create a RDP connection



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