Initial start-up

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HMIs, human machine interfacesPanel PC, ET / MT 4x8...Initial start-up


These operating instructions are intended for the safe and correct commissioning of the ET-4x8 / MT-4x8 devices. Furthermore, these operating instructions contain all necessary information for assembly and connection of the ET-4x8 / MT-4x8 devices.


The following components are required for fast commissioning and the initial test:

ET - 4x8 / MT - 4x8 Panel PC

Power supply 24V DC / maximum 8.0A or 192VA to 480VA



For the correct operation of all associated components please note in addition to these operating instructions ET - 4x8 / MT - 4x8 all other operating instructions enclosed in this delivery as well as the operating instructions of the additional equipment to be connected.



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