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HMIs, human machine interfacesPanel PC, ET / MT 4x8...OperationBackupCreate


Proceed as follows to create a backup:


Instal *1 the USBi drive with the recovery image at the USBi - socket.



The device must be switched on.


Please note the requirements of the current protection zone!


Remove any plug that may be attached to terminal X35 at the xT-4x8 devices to free up the USB slot.

Open the Windows Explorer.

Access the drive with the recovery medium.




Click on "autorun".

The dialogue for the language selection will pop up.




Acknowledge the note concerning the recovery medium by clicking on "Continue".

Click on the language you wish to select for the user interface.

The following dialogue will pop up:




Click on the "Backup button".

The "System Snapshot" window will pop up in the Command Console.




Press the "F2" function key.




For a rebootable system backup on the recovery stick press the "F2" function key,

For a selection-based backup press the "F3" function key (a selection dialogue will pop up).


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