Drive Partitioning

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If required, you can now partition the drive.


For this, click on Btn_SetPartition.





Im Fenster "Snapshot - Restore Volume"




With a right mouse-click, select the required partition (1).

Select the action you want to execute (2).


The "Partition Assistant" is opened:







Right-click on the desired partition (1).

Select the action you want to run (2).




Resize Partition

the selected partition is re-sized.

Create Partion

creates a partition in the selected drive.


Click "Resize Partition" (2).


The "Move and Resize Partition" dialogue opens:




You can specify the size of the partition via the slider (3) or directly in the "Partition size:" text field.




In the case of drives with a Windows Embedded System installed (usually C:),

at least 1 MB should be reserved for the remaining storage (4).


This ensures that when loading saved images on drives with marginally less storage space *1 there are no loading problems because the image is too large for the target drive.


We recommend you stick to the specified partition.



Because the memory size


a)of the target drive on another device

b)of a replace drive


is marginally different to the one on the original drive.



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