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HMIs, human machine interfacesPanel PC, ET / MT - 4x7Product overview



SERIE 4x7 –  innovative Panel PC SERIE.


The ET-467-*-BT with luminous 22" display is the Panel PC of the future for all widescreen applications in hazardous areas zone 1, 2, 21, 22. The 1680 x 1050 pixel resolution (WSXGA) is the most popular resolution in modern process management and is offered by all process control system providers. The wide screen technology has been combined with powerful Intel® Atom™ E3845 Quad Core processor technology.


All process images are available on-site with optimum readability and brilliant image quality, thanks to the LED backlight technology used. As an option, the displays are available as touch screens for intuitive operation with gloves or a touch pen. The ET-467-*-BT devices can be installed in an enclosure from the front (control panel module with anodized aluminium front plate) or from the rear without a front plate.


The ET-467-*-BT is configured ex-factory with a Windows Embedded Standard 7, or Windows 7 Ultimate operating system in order to be ready to run immediately - no time is wasted with the installation of drivers or operating systems. Due to the installation of the international, multi-lingual version, this Panel PC is ready to run immediately worldwide.


These are available as front panel mounting units, referred to as "device(s)" or "HMI(s)" in the following, for installation in operator panels, doors, tableaus, etc.

For fast assembly close to the machines the devices are available as operating systems in various enclosures, with or without keyboard and with various mounting versions.


The ET-4x7 devices have the following features:

Robust design Panel PCs, front-plate installation, for temperatures ranging from -20 °C to +60 °C [-4 °F up to +140 °F]

Modular product in robust design

Backup and recovery system ensures short mean time to restore service

OPEN HMI – open for all software applications (installation of visualization software e. g. WinCC® Advanced V13, Factory Talk View® ME, Vijeo Citect®, installation not by R. STAHL)


Specially designed for extreme conditions, the entire product series has IP66 (front side) and can be operated in environment with temperatures ranging from:


-20 °C … +60 °C  [  -4 °F ... +140 °F]

+Heizungsoption O30

-30 °C … +50 °   [-22 °F ... +122 °F]


-20 °C … +50 °C  [  -4 °F ... +122 °F]


Windows Embedded Standard 7 (64-Bit) or Windows 7 Ultimate (64-Bit) operating system.

Constructed without any rotating parts for 24/7 permanent operation and designed as OPEN HMIs they are suitable for any visualisation software.





The technical data is listed on our website:

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