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HMIs, human machine interfacesPanel PC, ET / MT - 4x7OperationBack-up


You can record independent backups of the factory state and your own configuration.


Please note that it is the sole responsibility of the operator to generate a back-up of the Panel PCs and their overall function.


We strongly recommend such a back-up to be stored on an external storage medium (USB stick / recovery stick, CD, DVD or similar) or on the company network.



For more information on the backup function, please refer to the chapter entitled "Recovery" in the "OpenHMI_help_en.chm" " help file, stored on the Panel PC in the "STAHL" directory, which is on the CD included in the delivery. You will find the file on the CD in the following directory:Handbuecher_Manuals\\Software_eng\\ ' !


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