Selecting Image

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The "Snapshot - Restore Volume" dialogue will pop up.



Click on the "Browse" button.


The Windows dialogue "Select image file to restore" will pop up:




As the source range, select "Computer".

Now click on the source directory "Recovery_PE".


The dialogue will now navigate to the directory view.




Open the directory "Images" with click of the left mouse key.


Depending on Windows version and revision ordered by you the image name may differ.


Currently, the following images are in use:

File name

Win7 Embedded Standard

Open HMI Win7 Embedded Standard 32-bit rev 1.2.n.SNA

Win7 Ultimate

Open HMI Win7 Ultimate 64bit rev 2.4.n.SNA


Select the image you want from the directory.



Factory state

Recovery_PE/IMAGES/Images/ ...SNA

Customer back-up

Recovery_PE/IMAGES/User/ ...SNA





Click on "Open" to confirm your selection.


The file selection dialogue will close and the system returns to the "Snapshot - Restore Volume" dialogue.




·Click on "Next" to continue.



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