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After booting, the set-up program displays the following menu:



The system will wait for a pre-determined interval (can be defined via NEW AUTEXIT TIMEOUT - see (System parameters ) ) for a connection to be established by the SPSPLUSWIN engineering software to load an existing project. If the pre-determined interval has passed the system automatically loads the Symb_Internet project last loaded by SPSPLUSWIN.


See Symb_ExtKaptlExpand System parameters


You can exit this screen with <F12> » CANCEL and return to the (main menu ).


From RTSetup Version 2.10 onwards a brightness control has been introduced for the ET-3x6 operator interfaces.

Display brightness can be adjusted as part of the hardware parameters with the following keys: <F1> » Symb_BrillanzPlus (increase brightness) and <F2> » Symb_BrillanzMinus (reduce brightness).

The <F1> » Symb_BrillanzPlus und <F2> » Symb_BrillanzMinus keys have no impact on the expiry of the AUTOEXIT TIMEOUT interval.


See Symb_ExtKaptlExpand Main menu.


Further informations of SPSPlusWin:

Symb_Internet What is SPSPlusWIN

Symb_Internet Transfer Projection data






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