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HMIs, human machine interfacesEagle ET/MT-3x6...Initial start-upConfiguration deviceMain menuLogin


Start the log-in process by pressing the <F2> » LOGIN key in the (main menu ).


The following screen will appear:



After entering your password in the ENTER PASSWORD field you will be able to change settings.

The operator interfaces have no default password.

Passwords may consist of all letters (except ö, ä and ü) and the numbers 0 to 9. Special characters are not supported.

The password may consist of a maximum of 20 characters.

If you have not defined a password yet, press < EnterKey_16x9 > (Enter-) to log on.

If the password is correct, the message "Log-in successful" will appear.

If you enter an incorrect password the message "Incorrect password. Please re-try" will appear.

If another user has already logged in, the message "password not verified, please re-try" will appear.

Press <F12> » Cancel to reject a setting and return to the main menu.


See Symb_ExtKaptlExpand Main menu



After successful log-in, press the <F2> » LOGIN key to return to the password menu.


The following screen will appear:



Enter your new password in the » ENTER NEW PASSWORD field.

Verify the password by typing it again into the » RETYPE NEW PASSWORD field.




Confirm your password by pressing < EnterKey_16x9 > (Enter-) and move to the second input field. Enter the new password again into this field.

If the password is identical in both fields, the following message will appear: "Password changed successfully".

If the passwords are not identical, the message "password not verified, please re-try" will appear and the password will not be changed/accepted.


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