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HMIs, human machine interfacesEagle ET/MT-3x6...Initial start-upConfiguration deviceDevice date load/saveLoad application data


You can start this function by pressing the <F6> » USB Backup key from the Communication menu.


The operator interface searches for and transfers ALL (!) data from the directory with the name of the operator interface i.d. (e.g. ET316). ALL existing data is replaced WITHOUT CHECKING




Inappropriate operation may damage the operating system of the operator interface !


Die Datenübertragung und der jeweilige Fortschritt wird innerhalb des Kommunikationsfensters angezeigt.


Once the data has been transferred to the operator interface the USB RECONNECT menu key appears for about 5 seconds (Reconnect USB stick ). If no action is taken by the user the set-up program is automatically terminated after a further 5 seconds and the application is started.



see Symb_ExtKaptlExpand Reconnect USB stick



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