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HMIs, human machine interfacesEagle ET/MT-3x6...Initial start-upConfiguration deviceMain menuConnect


Call up the "Communication" menu with the <F3> » CONNECT key in the (Main menu ).




While this menu is active you can establish a connection to the operator interface. For this, start the download via SPSPlusWIN. Which actual physical connection is used for the download is of no importance.


If the PC does not establish a connection within a preset interval (to be set via NEW AUTOEXIT TIMEOUT (System parameters ), the communication menu is automatically terminated and the operator interface will start the application. Until this point you can leave this screen and return to the main menu by pressing <F12> >> ESC.


From RTSetup Version 2.10 onwards a brightness control has been introduced for the ET-3x6 operator interfaces.

Display brightness can be adjusted as part of the hardware parameters with the following keys: <F1> » Symb_BrillanzPlus (increase brightness) and <F2> » Symb_BrillanzMinus (reduce brightness).

The <F1> » Symb_BrillanzPlus und <F2> » Symb_BrillanzMinus keys have no impact on the expiry of the AUTOEXIT TIMEOUT interval.



 Symb_ExtKaptlExpand Main menu

 Symb_ExtKaptlExpand System parameters



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