Touch Calib.

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If the touch screen is not working properly within the application, you can re-calibrate it.


Use the <F8> » TOUCH CALIB key in the (Main Menu ) to call up the Touch Calibration menu.


An Symb_CalibrPoint arrow with a dot pops up (1. top left, 2. top right, 3. centre (cross with dot), 4. bottom left, 5. bottom right). In older versions an "*" (asterisk) will appear on the screen four times in a row (1. top left, 2. top right, 3. bottom left, 4. bottom right).

Tap exactly on the dot or the asterisk. The touch screen is then re-calibrated and the system returns to the main menu, or you have to confirm your input by pressing the CONFIRM button *1).



The CONFIRM button only exists for series 200 devices.



In case you tapped the wrong place during the calibration, it may be impossible to press the CONFIRM button.


In such a case, wait a few seconds until the calibration window closes on its own accord and then

repeat the calibration by pressing the <F8> » TOUCH CALIB key.


See Symb_ExtKaptlExpand Main menu



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