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HMIs, human machine interfacesEagle ET/MT-3x6...Initial start-upConfiguration deviceDevice date load/saveSave application data


Start this function in the communications menu by pressing the <F5> » USB Backup key.


In order to (ONLY) transfer a project from the ET/MT-3x6 or ET-208 operator interface to the USB stick, press the <F5> » USB Upload key.

The operator interface then generates the ET/MT-3x6 or ET-208 directory (if it does not already exist) and transfers the Appldata.imp and the ET3x6.rtb files to there.

If the ET/MT-3x6 or ET-208 directory already exists, both the Appldata.imp and the ET/MT3x6.rtb or  the ET-208.rtb files (if they exist) will be replaced WITHOUT CHECKING with the user !



In order to save the application data

these must have been loaded in SPSPlusWin

with the 'Upload-able' option.




See Symb_Internet SPSPlusWin, Projektierungsdaten übertragen



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