Via RS-232

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Connect one of the serial RS-232 interfaces (COM 1 or COM 2) of the operator interface via the cicon2 VB-99 with your PC's RS-232 interface.

Supply the operator interface with 24V by means of a power supply.

The operator interface will now boot up to the menu screen "Communication" of the Set-up and is ready to receive. This will be signalled in the menu by means of the "Waiting for download" status. You may skip this step with "F8" + "F8".

If you have not started a download in the project engineering software on the connected PC, the set-up will continue the boot process after awhile and will load the pre-installed project.



For further information on dowloading project engineering data with "SPSPlusWIN", refer to the chapter entitled "Transferring project engineering data" under "Project engineering data" of the "index.chm" help file in the ' \Documents\Software_Tools\OnlineHilfe_Stufe5_d\ ' directory on the CD included in the delivery, or in the application directory of SPSPlusWin under ' C:\Programme\SPSPlusWIN\HtmlHelp\D__\index.chm '



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