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Connect the cicon2 Ethernet interface (X10 o. X11) of the Eagle device with the PC that has SPSPLusWin installed on it.

Supply the Eagle device and the media converter with 24 V by means of a power supply.

The Eagle device will now boot up to the setup point "communication" and is ready to receive. This will be signalled in the menu by means of the "Waiting for download" status.

Leave this menu item by pressing "F8" + "F8".

The Setup Menu will pop up and you have to log on.

Having logged on, you will have to configure the IP address of the Eagle device via menu item "communication parameters".

Upon completion of this step, select menu item "connect" to restore the Eagle device to the status "ready for programming".


For further information on dowloading project engineering data with "SPSPlusWIN", refer to the chapter entitled "Transferring project engineering data" under "Project engineering data" of the "index.chm" help file in the ' \Documents\Software_Tools\OnlineHilfe_Stufe5_d\ ' directory on the CD included in the delivery, or in the application directory of SPSPlusWin under ' C:\Programme\SPSPlusWIN\HtmlHelp\D__\index.chm '



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