How to use the Documents

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How to use the Documents


The Manuals consist of three parts:


1.The header (1) at the top.

2.The register range (2) at the left-hand side (can be hidden).

3.the topics range (3) at the right-hand side.



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There are various ways of navigating within the Manual.


By using the Navigation buttons (4) in the topic output area in the header.

By means of direct chapter selection in the "Contents" tab (2).

By selecting a keyword in the "Index" tab (2).

By entering a search item in the "Search" tab (2).


Use the action buttons (5) and (6) to:


a)call up the start page for the document selection of the online help;

b)open the document page of the contents overview;

c)display the internet address of the chapter (topic) currently displayed, and / or copy this onto the clipboard;

d)change to the English-language version of the documentation;

e)directly navigate to chapters with essential topics.



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