Installation and operation

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Please note the following when installing and operating the device:


The national regulations for installation and assembly apply (e.g. EN 60079-14).

The trackballs may be installed in zones 1 or 2.

The TBi-50-PS2 trackball enclosure must be earthed via the PE connection (earthing screw) at the back of the enclosure!

The trackballs with polyester front membrane should be mounted in a position where they will not be exposed to direct UV light for extended periods of time.

The intrinsically safe circuits must be installed according to applicable regulations.

The trackball may only be switched on when it is closed.

When installed in zones 1 and 2, the trackballs may be connected to intrinsically safe input circuits.

The safety values of the trackballs must match those of the device to which it is connected.

Interconnecting several active devices in an intrinsically safe circuit may result in different safe maximum values. This could compromise intrinsic safety !

National safety and accident prevention rules.

Generally accepted technical rules.

Safety instructions contained in these operating instructions.

Any damage may compromise the explosion protection.


Use the trackballs for their intended purpose only (see "Application").

Incorrect or unauthorized use and non-compliance with the instructions in this manual will void any warranty on our part.

No changes may be made to the trackballs that compromise explosion protection !

The trackballs may only be installed and operated in an undamaged, dry and clean condition !



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