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The RFIDi chipcard readers are proximity readers that can read information from the chip cards without direct contact and transfer this to any system. Additional software is required for this data transfer. The RFID chipcard readers can be mounted inside a front panel or a desktop housing.


R. Stahl supplies two versions of the RFIDi reader:




The readers are both the same regarding interface or hardware. Both read Mifare-cards.



ASC: With this firmware the reader sends the card-data as Ascii characters, automatically. You can watch the incoming data with a terminal emulation like HTERM, etc.



Since data is not encrypted in the ASC versions, we do not recommend you use this version for access control in safety-relevant areas.



Data is transmitted between card reader and the connected device by means of a protocol. During the initialisation, both devices exchange a key that is used to encrypt the transmitted data. The connected device must be able to support the data encryption via a suitable application. Applications such as Simatic Logon from Siemens support this encryption protocol.



All operating devices support the Crypt protocol and the ASC protocol.



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