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AccessoriesReadersRFID-RDR-1 (None Ex)Operation


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There is also an acoustic signal.


Beeper indication

Short beep: twice after (re)-initialisation, three times in case of error (invalid card, unsuccessful parameterisation).

Long beep: once after voltage on, once after a valid card has been read.


LED indication

LED „Power" constantly on in case of proper power supply, otherwise off.

LED “OK": blinking when no initialisation has yet taken place, permanently off after correct initialisation, briefly on (0.5 s) for correct reading process.

LED „Error": on for about 1 s in case of error (invalid card).



Note: If the reader has been programmed with the wrong firmware (ASCII instead of Crypt), reading with the Eagle will result in a voltage dip, since the ASCII reader has different timing. In that case, the reader will send simultaneously with the beep. !



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