Maintenance, service

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AccessoriesPower supply DSPde-100-24Maintenance, service


Assembly and disassembly are subject to general technical rules. Additional, specific safety regulations apply to electronic and pneumatic installations. In Germany, for example, these include the BGI 547 (Information on and principles of workplace safety and health issued by the Government Safety Association) and the BetrSichVer (Betriebsicherheitsverodnung - Occupational Safety and Health).


Because the transmission of the devices remains reliable and stable over long periods of time, regular adjustments are not required.

Only original parts provided by the manufacturer must be used..

Sicherungen dürfen nur durch Typen mit gleichen Kennwerten ersetzt werden.


Maintenance should focus on the following:

Seal wear

Housing damage

The terminal box is closed

All screws are tightened fast.

All cables and lines are properly connected and undamaged.


It is the responsibility of the operator of electrical equipment in a hazardous environment to have this equipment serviced. Please also note the appropriate national rules and regulations.


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