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The MCRi-HID-Swipe card reader is in accordance with the following standards and directives:


Test according to:


ATEX directive

94/9 EC

General conditions

EN 50014 : 1997 +A1 +A2

Protection class "i"

EN 50020 1994 :



The PCRi-Mifare card reader may be installed in zones 1 or 2.

The power supplies used for the Mifare card reader must be of such a kind that their maximum values for power supplied correlate to those listed in the safety relevant technical data for the reader.

The voltage supply may only be connected when the device is disconnected from the mains.

The Mifare card reader housing must be earthed via the earthing screw at the back of the housing. The wire used must have a minimum cross section of 4mm² !



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