Standards and Directives

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The MCRi-HID-Swipe card reader complies with the following standards and directives:


Test according to:


ATEX directive

94/9 EC

General conditions

EN 50014 : 1997 +A1 +A2

Protection class "i"

EN 50020 2002 :



The MCRi-HID-Swipe card reader may be operated in zone 1.

The rules governing explosion protection must be observed when connecting the Fieldbus Bridge to the power circuit.

Where applicable, any special conditions listed on the EC prototype test certificate must be observed.

The device may only be operated in a proper, undamaged housing that is completely closed.. If the housing is damaged the device may not be operated!

The connection cable of the MCRi-HID-Swipe Wiegand reader is fixed to the card reader and must not be extended.

The blue cable of the Wiegand MCR reader must not be connected to a terminal at the HMI. This cable must be isolated to ensure safe operation !

In storage, the device must be protected against sunlight.



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