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The following contains an explanation of how to mount the KVM-DVI3-Box(es) to the DVI3-RackMountKit.


Unscrew the two installation screws at the front of the KVM-Box

Position the KVM-Box with its front plate onto the back of the DVI3-RackMountKit

Slide both screws through the drilled holes of the DVI3-RackMountKit and the front plate into the threaded hole of the KVM-Box


Screw the DVI3-RackMountKit to the KVM-Box

In the case of a DVI3- RackMountKit-2 you can install the second KVM-Box in the same way as the first

In the case of a DVI3- RackMountKit-1, attach the included dummy panel with the included screws to the back of the DVI3-RackMountKit



For mounting the DVI3-RackMountKit on the 19" Rack use the enclosed screws and washers.




Hinweis Use a longer screw

when using the special nut.



Engage the nibs of the cage nuts (1) with the oblong cut-outs (2) at the frame of the rack (2 each left and right).



Position the DVI3-RackMountKit at the front of the 19" rack

Align the drilled holes in the DVI3-RackMountKit with the threaded holes of the caged nuts

Insert the screws (4) in the washers (3), the drilled hole at the DVI3-RackMountKit and the threaded hole of the caged nuts

Screw the RackMountKit to the 19" rack with the other 3 screws in exactly the same way

Tighten the screws with a maximum of 4 Nm.


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