Operation JSi 1 & 2

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The joystick consists of a control stick for left/right and up/down movement. There is also a push key on the control stick and three more buttons on the joystick's base. Below is an overview of the control functions and their meaning:



Control key objects:



Joystick (control stick) with push key (corresponds to the left mouse key).



Key in its standard assignment corresponds to the left mouse key.



Key in its standard assignment corresponds to the right mouse key.



Key in its standard assignment corresponds to the centre mouse key.

Direction of movement control stick:



Signal for control direction up.



Signal for control direction down.



Signal for control direction left.



Signal for control direction right.


The JSi joysticks are supplied without labelling of the control stick and the keys. The control software determines which action is triggered by a change in the direction or by pressing a key. For example, control direction A for a travelling crane with hoisting gear may in one case (1. joystick) move the travelling crane forwards and in another case (2. joystick) lower the hoisting gear hook. The key assignment may also vary.


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