Assembly, field enclosure JSi-1 & JSi-2

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AccessoriesJoystick JSiMechanical installationAssembly, field enclosure JSi-1 & JSi-2


The JSi joystick is intended for installation in an appropriate desk housing or control panel. It may be installed in any position.


If the JSi joystick has NOT been mounted by the manufacturer, a sufficiently large cut-out and a hole pattern for mounting the joystick must be provided.


1.Make a cut-out with the following dimensions: 152 (±1) mm (height) x 90 (±1) mm (width). (see also cicon2 Mechanical dimensions JSi-2 & JSi-3).

2.Drill 10 holes of a diameter of 3.5 mm according to the hole pattern.

3.Mount the joystick inside the cut-out and use the self-locking nuts (10x M3) provided to affix the joystick.

4.Tighten the nuts lightly.

5.Check the position of the joystick, ensuring above all that the rubber seals are correctly positioned.

6.Now fully tighten the nuts.

7.Connect the joystick cable to the corresponding terminal at the operator interface according to the connection diagram.



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