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HMIs, human machine interfacesET-208Initial start-upConfiguration deviceGenerals


When the device is switched on, the system will be initialised and various action texts will pop up on the screen.

Once the initialisation is complete, the set-up menu will pop up.


Users can navigate in the "RTSetup" menu either via the function keys or the touch screen.

It is also possible to connect and use an external keyboard.

Within the application the setup menu can only be called up by means of a programmed function.


First, call up the "Communication" window with the "WAITING FOR DOWNLOAD" message. By pressing "F12" » "ESC" you will return to the main menu.


Data input without external keyboard:


If there is no external keyboard, tap on the input field once or twice (depending on the type of field) and the internal (touch) keyboard will appear. Use this keyboard to enter the new value.

Accept each new value by pressing the < EnterKey_16x9 > (Enter-) key.


Input via external keyboard:


If an external keyboard is connected, values can be directly entered into a field.

Again, accept each new value by pressing the < EnterKey_16x9 > (Enter-) key.

The settings in the main menu can only be changed after a LOGIN.



The menus shown below may slightly differ from those on the actual devices, depending on which device is being used and which set-up application has been installed.!



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