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USB support of the operator interfaces has been introduced for releases from RTSetup version 2.00 onwards. It is now possible to save all device data on a USB stick or to restore the operator interface system from the USB stick.



Unless you want to load a device image only insert the USB stick once the  Communication menu pops up.

If you insert the USB stick before then, the following will happen:

ET/MT-3x6 and ET-208

Stick with recovery image

The device loads the image.


Stick with/without

device data

The application is only started once the stick has been removed and a function key has been pressed.


Stick with/without device data

The device will start the following communication menu.


If a USB stick is inserted in the X4 USB-i interface and is recognised by the system, the communication menu will display the additional keys<F4> to <F6>.


Use mouse to see further information’s.



Further information displayed is the "Volume Name" as well as the total (Total: xxxx MB) and available (Free: xxxx MB) memory of the USB stick.


If none of the <F4> bis <F6> keys is pressed within a preset interval (to be set via NEW AUTOEXIT TIMEOUT (System parameters ), the communication menu is automatically terminated and the operator interface will start the application.


In general, any USB stick with protection class Ex-i can be used for this functionality. Detection or transmission errors may occur, however. Only the USB sticks supplied by R. Stahl HMI Systems GmbH can guarantee a flawless USB support.


There are two ways of saving data on the operator interface. Users can save either ONLY the operator interface project or also ALL OTHER files.



In order to back up the data stored on the operator interface

users must first log in (LOGIN )!




 Symb_ExtKaptlExpand System parameters

 Symb_ExtKaptlExpand Login


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