Suppression measures / Installation guidelines

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HMIs, human machine interfacesThin Client, ET/MT-5x7-...Suppression measures / Installation guidelines


Compliance with the guidelines for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is guaranteed by the grounding of all components such as HMI, keyboard etc. to a central ground connection. The grounding should be low as possible through a properly sized grounding conductor.


If this is ignored, so that the measures taken in the device to suppress interference and surge are partially ineffective.


Care should be taken when selecting a mounting location on the greatest possible distance to electromagnetic interference. In particular, if frequency that is of importance. Under certain circumstances, we recommend protection against "emitters" by magnetic separation sheets.


Assembly and disassembly are subject to general technical rules. Additional, specific safety regulations apply to electronic and pneumatic installations. In Germany, for example, these include the BGI 547 (Information on and principles of workplace safety and health issued by the Government Safety Association) and the BetrSichVer (Betriebsicherheitsverodnung - Occupational Safety and Health).


When being fitted to the stainless steel field housing R. STAHL HMI Systems GmbH the grounding connection of HMIs with a 4mm ² ge/gn- wire is connected to the internal PA body connection.



Devices of series xT-xx7 must be connected to the equipotential bonding.




The ET-/MT-xx6’s equipotential bonding (6mm threaded bolt) must be connected to the system’s equipotential bonding (see illustration above).


Connection detail for electrical bonding (recommended)



1.Enclosure HMI

2.Washer (2x)

3.Tooth lockwashers

4.Washer spring


6.Threaded bolt

7.Cable lug with eye



Devices of series xT-xx7, version 24 VDC and supplied as part of a field system must be connected internally with the central equipotential bonding.


Devices of series xT-xx7, version AC and supplied as part of a field system must be connected internally with the central equipotential bonding.




The cable shields must be connected tot he equipotential bonding rail (A) inside the device.


Connection box:

Detail shield connection (B):





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