Equipotential bonding and shielding

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HMIs, human machine interfacesThin Client, ET / MT 5x8...Electrical Installation Interference suppression measures / Installation guidelinesEquipotential bonding and shielding


In principle, fitters and operators have to observe the national installation directives and/or those superceding them.


Alternative ways to connect the cable screen are available for electromagnetic interference but they must conform to national installation directives and/or those superceding them.




The ET-/MT-xx6’s equipotential bonding (6mm threaded bolt) must be connected to the system’s equipotential bonding (see illustration above).


Connection detail for electrical bonding (recommended)



1.Enclosure HMI

2.Washer (2x)

3.Tooth lockwashers

4.Washer spring


6.Threaded bolt

7.Cable lug with eye


Please note the descriptions for each connection – they contain all details required for the individual connection (twisting, shielding, etc.)


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