KVM-Box Connections

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HMIs, human machine interfacesThin Client, ET/MT-5x7-...Connection ofKVM-DIGITAL-IPESKVM-Box Connections


Die KVM-Box verfügt über Anschlüsse auf der Vorder und auf der Rückseite des Gerätes.








IEC socket for power supply via the included power supply.


Thin Client ethernet connection. For transmision monitor, mouse, touch and key datas.


DVI-D Dual Link connectors, for connecting to the monitor output of the computer. Use only the supplied DVI cable or a equivalentes cable with DVI-D Dual Link assignment.


USB type B socket for transferring the keys and mouse (touch) signals to the computer.


Input for the audio signal output of the PC.

at the side

DIP switches, for service purposes only.



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