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Standard set-up KVM system:


The standard application of the KVM system is a direct Ethernet connection via the KVM box to the host PC. In turn, this host PC is connected to the KVM box via a DVI cable for the video signal and a USB cable for mouse and keyboard function.

If all components have been properly connected, the remote station will display the screen contents of the host PC automatically after having been switched on. The (virtual) keyboard, any pointer devices connected to the Remote HMI and the touch screen (after calibration) of the operator interface will also work immediately. No further settings are required for this standard application.


If the host computer has no DVI video signal, the KVM boox can also be connected via a VGA video signal. In this case, however, each host PC resolution used requires a video calibration of the KVM box.


As an alternative, if the host PC has no USB support for cicon2 pointer devices and keyboard, the PS/2 connection of the KVM box can be used for the connection of these. If the "local" functionality of the KVM box should also be used with pointer device and keyboard, this needs to be connected via the PS/2 interface.




Depending on the size of the appliction a keyboard and mouse might be required.



Click to expand or collaps object. Direct Connect control panel model Ethernet TX:



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For these connections in detail, see:


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For information on how set up an Ethernet connection, please refer to the chapter entitled cicon2 via Ethernet IP




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