Host-PC Connections

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Several connections are required from host PC to the KVM box so that the Thin Client can display the screen contents of the host PC and operate it, too. In addition to the voltage supply of the KVM box, these include the signal lines for video, mouse and keyboard signals. All these connections are located at the black connector sockets.


Click to expand or collaps object. Basic connection DVI and USB:




Click to expand or collaps object. Connection for DVI and PS/2:

As an alternative, if the host PC has no USB support for pointer devices and keyboard, the PS/2 connection of the KVM box can be used for the connection of these.





Click to expand or collaps object.Connection of VGA:

If the host computer has no DVI video signal, the KVM box can also be connected via a VGA video signal and cable. In this case, however, each host PC resolution used requires a video calibration of the KVM box. A DVI-I adapter is required because the KVM transmission unit only has a DVI connector. Included in the delivery of the KVM box is a VGA-DVI-I cable for such a connection.




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