Connection to live device with VCC connection

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An external USB device can be connected to port "X6".


The USB device must meet the conditions for connection to an Ex (e) interface and be installed in an explosion - proof housing.


The USB device does require an external power supply to function because it uses over 500 mA.

The USB device is connected to the mains via other interfaces.

The USB device needs the VCC connection of the HMIs (internal supply – terminal 1) to function.


HMI USB Ex(e) connector


cable glands

e. g. Ex d housing

USB - device *2


power supply


equipotential bonding for shield connection

USB cable twisted data wires


USB(e) device

Connected to mains via power supply

or other interfaces.



Data cable wires must be twisted right up to terminal.


e.g. USB/serial converter, USB-Profibus interface.



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