Ethernet via FO with Splice Box

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In an industrial environment, several fibre optics are usually bundled inside a multi-core optical cable (outdoor armed cable) to connect the switch room with the production area.

The individual fibre optics must be connected to the individual fibre optics of the multi-core optical cable via optical connectors.

This is usually achieved by means of a splice box, which is available in various designs.

Some have a large number of optical connectors for connecting a multi-core optical cable with individual fibre optics.


Splice box with 8 optical connectors for 4 data connections (for sending and receiving):



The simpler versions usually have 2 optical connectors (Rx and Tx), into each of which two fibre optics of the optical cable are spliced. It is usually possible to combine these in a block, resulting in a variable number of optical connectors.


Distribution of 4 fibre optic data connections with 4 single splice boxes.



Typical field installation with Splice Box:

PC / Server

Media converter 9721

or Switch

Operator Station EAGLE ET-/ MT-xx6-FX








Indoor  Patch Cable

FO MM LC connectors

Outdoor Armed Cable

62,5 / 125µm FO MM

Indoor  Patch Cable

FO MM LC connectors



It is possible to use standard splice boxes in combination with ET-/MT-xx6 (FX) EAGLE platform Exicom devices whose FO interfaces are Ex op is certified. With regard to their materials, these splice boxes must be certified for operation in hazardous areas.


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