Device Configuration

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HMIs, human machine interfacesEagle ET/MT-3x6...Connection ofControl systems / Servervia Profibus at EthernetDevice Configuration


The communication from the device to the NETLink® PRO Compact is via Ethernet and the RFC 1006 protocol. Selecting the "S7 Ethernet Driver" ensures this.


A byte variable in the MT/ET-2x8 and MT/ET-3x6 is reserved for the timeout. Consequently, values ranging from

0 to 255 are possible. For firmware versions less than V2.37 this value should be between 100 and 255, because

the NetLink® PRO Compact Adapter cannot process requests that are in too quick a succession and

with bus speeds at Profibus that are smaller than 187.5 kBt/s the recognition of bus parameters can take up to 30s.




Station parameters:

Station IP-Add

IP address under which NETLink® PRO Compact Gateway is addressed in the network.



If the communication takes place via NETLink® PRO Compact, the slot address is the same as that of the Profibus or MPI address.



Matches the rack address of the CPU (PLC).




Interpretation of the TSAP table from the manual issued by Helmholz


The table below must be read as follows:

Example for settings in step 7 (with a direct connection to the CPU the TSAP is 0202)

Profibus address 4

Slot address of the CPU 2

If the Profibus address is 4, the MT/ET-3x6 must request slot address 4. This is also the case if the CPU is in slot 2. With NetLink Pro Compact, the slot address is replaced by the Profibus address (here: TSAP 0104).


For this, see the interpretation of the TSAP table in the manual issued by Helmholz "Handbuch_884-MPI21_NETLink_PRO_Compact_2.pdf"


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