Configuration of the converter

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HMIs, human machine interfacesEagle ET/MT-3x6...Connection ofControl systems / Servervia Profibus at EthernetConfiguration of the converter


In order to operate the NETLink® PRO Compact with one of the ET/MT-3x6 Eagles or the ET/MT4x6 Panel PCs, the following settings are required:



Initial commissioning:

IP address and subnet mask

In its factory state, the adapter has the IP address

The IP address can be adjusted to your own network via the

embedded web server and a browser, or

the Helmholz Tool „NetLink PRO Family Configuration“.


Embedded Webserver

Calling up the web server via a web browser




Call up the "Basic Configuration“ register. This section is password-protected.


User name:

NETLink PRO Compact






Adjust the TCI/IP parameters to match those of the connected network.




Accept the settings with "Submit" and save with "Store" in the NETLink® PRO Compact.



"NetLink PRO Family Configuration"


Start this tool from the CD.


All NEtLink Pro Compact Gateways in the network will be recognised automatically.




Calling up the parameter screen and adjusting the IP address settings via "Parameterisation...".




Accept the settings with "Accept" and store them in NETLink® PRO Compact with "Save in NetLink.



For more information, please refer to the NETLink® PRO Compact manual on the CD or online at ' Symb_Internet '.



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