external keys (-matrix)

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HMIs, human machine interfacesET-208Electrical Installation ET-208Connection toX9 keyboard


The ET-208 units have an (Ex i) interface to connect a keypad.

You can keys according to your needs, provided the keys used are certified for use in the hazardous area in question.



Pin1 to Pin8 (IN1 to IN8)


Inputs of the keypad.

Pin9 to Pin12 (OUT1 to IN4)


Outputs of the keypad.


The significance (or function) of individual keys is determined by an XML-based file.

Terminal 13 "GND" is not used.

The maximum permitted cable length is 2m, with a cross section of (0.14 to 1.5)mm2.



The maximum number of programmable keys has been restricted to 4 x 8 = 32.




In the simplest case, you connect a number of keys which you define as function keys F1 to Fn for menu control.


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