Function keys F1-F8 (Pushbuttons)

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HMIs, human machine interfacesET-208Electrical Installation ET-208Connection ofFunction keys F1-F8 (Pushbuttons)


The ET-208 units have an (Ex i) interface to connect a keypad.

You can keys according to your needs, provided the keys used are certified for use in the hazardous area in question.



Keypad for 8 function keys:








This keypad can be created with individual Ex-i compatible keys.



From an explosion-protection point of view,

the signal circuit of individual keys can be considered as a joined signal circuit.


This means that the distances between individual conductors

and keys can be less than those of separate circuits.

The keycode is allocated via an XML file describing the cicon2 allocation of keys to a keycode. When a key is clicked on, a driver of the ET-208 will write the keycode allocated to this key by the XML file into the keyboard buffer. It depends on the object which in the active application has the focus on the keyboard buffer where the key input is shown. It could be, for example, an input or output field in a menu or, in the case of function keys, the corresponding function. Store the XML file in the ' System_visu\modules\ ' directory in SPSPlusWIN. Under ' System > Configuration > Configuration parameters ' it can then be allocated to the interface.


The ready-made XML file ("Pushbuttons.xml") is included in SPSPlusWIN version 5.3.x for this keypad - keycode combinations.


Terminal 13 "GND" is not used.


The maximum permitted cable length is 2m, with a cross section of (0.14 to 1.5)mm2.


One end of the cable shielding must be connected to the equipotential bonding of the ET-208 unit. At the keypad, the shielding must be isolated properly.


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