Configuring device, Ethernet

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In order to reach the ET-2x8 from the engineering device, you need to set the "Communication parameters". Switch on the operator interface to navigate to the menu.


After a few seconds the "Communication" window will pop up. Press the "Exit" button or the F8 function key.


The "Setup" window will pop up. Press "F2 Login" to authenticate yourself to the Eagle. An Eagle in the factory state has no password yet, so in this case click on "F1 OK" without any further input if you do not wish to allocate a password. If a password has already been assigned to the ET-2x8, key this into the input field. The virtual keyboard will then pop up, which you can use to enter the password. Confirm the password with "F1 OK" to log in.


In the "Setup" window, press the "F6 Com" parameter button or the "F6" function key.


The window for the communication parameters will open. Set the required communication parameters by tapping on the respective fields and entering the value via the virtual number pad.



The addresses are segmented, which means that you can explicitly change individual address segments.



In the case of a connection via a network you have to ensure that the addresses must be reachable in the PC's network in order to communicate with the ET-2x8.


Confirm your input by clicking on the "F1 OK" button or alternatively by clicking on the "F1" function key.



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