Panel assembly

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1.If not already present, create a cut-out for the enclosure. Make sure you leave sufficient installation space.

2.Remove any burrs from the cut-out and ensure the area around the front plate is clean.

3.Carefully slide the device into the cut-out.

4.Carefully slide the fixing frame with the flat side first over the enclosure.

5.Push the device so it lies flat against the wall.

6.Attach the mounting brackets at the back of the device (you may need someone to assist you with this). Latch these onto the corresponding slots at the device's enclosure.

7.Starting with the middle one, lightly tighten the screws of the mounting brackets. Makes sure the tips of the screws enter the fixing holes of the fixing frame.

8.Check the device is correctly positioned.

9.Starting with the middle one and moving from there to the corners, tighten the screws of the mounting brackets with 0.3 to 0.4 Nm.

10. Open the enclosure lid at the back of the device.

11. Detach the fixing rings of the required cable glands by turning them counter-clockwise.

12. Remove the blind plugs of the cable glands.

13. Slide the fixing ring thread side first over the corresponding cable.

14. Insert the cable into the cable gland.

15. Tighten the fixing rings of the required cable glands by turning them clockwise.

16. Replace the enclosure lid at the back of the housing and finally tighten the screws with 7,5 and 8,5 Nm.


Symb_PictCollaps Diagram, assembly pinciple:

Place the screw tip of the fixing clamp

into the corresponding hole.

10x (12x) fixing


Slot the fixing brackets into the corresponding

cut-outs in the device.


Fixing frame

Enclosure or control cabinet



1.Insert the device into the cut-out of the enclosure or the control panel.

2.Slide the fixing frame over the back of the device.

3.Latch the mounting brackets onto the corresponding slots of the device.

4.Position the tips of the screws in the corresponding holes of the assembly bracket.


4a. Starting from the inside, tighten the screws crosswise.


Further informations:

Assembly bracket BtnSymbol
Tension-free assembly BtnSymbol


Cut out BtnSymbol
Installation space BtnSymbol
Bracket mounting BtnSymbol



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